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I am proud to present part of my collection of photos from my annual trips to Christmas Candylane. The photos will change every year in order to keep everyone up to date with what is featured at the event year to year.

For anyone here who has never been to this Candylane, it is a nice Christmas event that caters, mostly, to families. There's Santa Claus Lane, a holiday themed area with rides, antique window displays and, of course, Santa; Santa's Stables, where you can see Santa's nine live reindeer; The Kissmas Tree, 50 foot high tree where the lights synchronized to beautiful holiday music, and select, holiday decorated, Hersheypark rides.

Scroll down to take a virtual visit to Christmas Candylane with this special photo gallery! To learn more about Christmas In Hershey, Click here!

For more 2004 Christmas In Hershey photos, click here!


To start off this gallery, I just had to include a photo of the Wildcat at sunset. I took this photo when right after we pulled into the parking lot. The Ferris Wheel, in background, has a lighted star on it for the holiday event, although it is hard to see it in the photo.

The waiting area for the Hershey Trolley Works was also decorated for the occasion.

Upon entering Tudor square, you are greeted upon thousands of twinkling lights, a truly magical experience to your visit!

The main entrance is decorated beautifully for the event.

More lights in Rhineland.

M.S. Hershey and beautiful lights and flowers surrounding him.

This is one of my favorite photos, the Tudor Grill adorned with lights!

The Carrousel is just one of the many rides open.

Der Deitchplatz in all its glory.

More Der Deitchplatz.

Santa and his reindeer attached to the Comet's lift hill.

Storm Runner's tophat was even lit for the occasion! In the background is th Kissing Tower and it's famous white tree, a Candylane staple!

The Pirate, in amongst more lights!

I don't know why, but this is one of my favorite shots of THE CLAW in its swinging motion.

This has to be one of my favorite display at the antique window display area. who can't resist sitting as straight as a board when playing the piano! It's hilarious!

The Kissmas Tree. For anyone who never saw this, it's worth it! Each show is different and the lights are synchronized to beautiful holiday music. If you're ever at Candylane, I strongly recommend you see this show, well worth it!

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