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When I was younger, I remember going to Dutch Wonderland. It was here that I experienced my first coaster ride on the Sky Princess. I hope the following information and photos will help you relive your Dutch Wonderland memories! Enjoy!

   1963: Dutch Wonderland opened its doors to the public on May 20, 1963. The rides that opened with the park were the Iron Horse Train (later re-named Wonderland Special Train), the Turnpike, the Lady Gay Riverboat and the Whale Boats (these were located on the lake in the front of the park that now houses the Dragon's Lair log boats). The Castle Gift Shop also made it's debut.

  1964: Guests were able to spin around and around in the Dutch Wonder House. A Swan Train Tour also debuted. This attraction no longer exists.

  1966: The monorail made its debut, along with the Gondola ride through the Botanical Gardens. The Old Mill Stream Camping Manor opened to the public. The monorail featured three trains: a red train, white train and a blue train. They were shaped in a circular form with little red blinking lights on the roof at the front of each train.

  1967: Guests were able to soar above the park and get a bird's eye view from the Sky Ride and take another cruise down the stream on the Tug Boat ride.

  1968: The Giant Slide made it's debut.

  1969: A Dolphin Show and Moonwalk opened. However, both of these attractions are no longer at the park. The Wax Museum (now known as Discover Lancaster County History Museum) opened, allowing guests to see the history of Lancaster County through animated wax figures.

  1970: Guests could do a little reckless driving on the Bumper Cars. The Wonderland Cinema (which no long exists) opened to the public.

  1971: The Weavertown One-Room Schoolhouse made its debut. This attraction, however, is no longer owned by Dutch Wonderland since HERCO took over in late 2001.

  1972: The Castle Gift Shop was expanded.

  1974: Kids could get behind the controls of miniature engines on the Old 99 Ride. Tram Service was offered in the parking lot.

  1975: The greatest show on earth came to the park with the debut of the miniature animated circus.

  1977: Guests were able to get wet on the Double Splash Flume Ride.

  1978: Flights to outer space came to the park with the debut of the Astroliner Rocket. Guests could also test their gun skills in the shooting gallery.

  1979: Entertainment was offered at the Amphitheater.

  1980: The Great American High Diving Show made its debut. Guests could operate their own boat at the remote control boats.

  1981: The sound of the calliope could be heard with the debut of the Merry Go Round.

  1982: The Ferris Windmill opened in the Botanical Gardens. The game room and ball bath were opened adding more excitement to guests.

  1983: the Company Picnic Pavilion opens.

  1984: Guests could blast up into space on the Space Shuttle.

  1985: Guests could test their boat driving skills at the remote-control boats.

  1986: The Flying Trapeze makes its debut.

  1988: The little ones could spin around on the Panda Party Ride. Guests could squirt away at the Splash Guns game.

  1989: Dutch Wonderland's first costumed character, Bubba Bear, makes his debut. From what I believe, the two older red and white monorails were destroyed in a fire, and the blue monorail escaped destruction and is still at the park today.

  1990: Guests could get a bird's-eye-view on the Ripcord Ride.

  1991: The park purchases the two tall red and white monorails that join the older blue monorail. These trains still operate at the park today.

  1992: The Sky Princess roller coaster opens as Dutch Wonderland's first rollercoaster.

  1994: A mini pedal-engine ride, the Choo Choo Charlie, opens. Also, the Crazy Plane Ride and a new games building opened.

  1995: The Sky Fighter and a new game, "Goblet & Fried Frogs" opens. A replica of the Statue of Liberty debuts over in the Botanical Gardens.

  1996: Guests could slide down with a stupendous splash on the Pipeline Plunge water coaster. New strike bowling games, picnic lunch pavilion, and staff center were also opened.

  1997: The new Birthday Deck opened, replacing the Roller Racers. A new dining area "Rafters" debuted. A new games stand, coin toss game, restrooms, and boom ball machines also opened. The park adopts the slogan "Play Together".

  1998: Duke, the dragon, Dutch Wonderland's costumed character made his debut. The Joust, Dutch Wonderland's second rollercoaster, opened replacing the Flying Trapeze. The Roller Racers were put back into service, replacing the Panda Party, which was relocated to the west end of the park. "Happy Hauntings", Dutch Wonderland's Halloween Celebration made it's debut.

  1999:  A new ticketing & admission system, park entrance and Guest Services were introduced. The Flying Trapeze was put back into service over near the Pipeline Plunge (west end of the park in the old Panda Party location). The Panda Party was relocated back to it's old location near the Giant Slide and the Roller Racers were, again, put out of service. A New Space Center (Interactive Bunker) also opened.

  2000:  Guests could have an adventure in the VR Voyager motion simulator. The Panda Party was once again moved next to the Crazy Plane, and the Roller Racers returned back to the old Panda Party location. No smoking was allowed in ride queue line areas.

  2001:  The log boat ride on the lake in front of the park was completely refurbished and changed to "Dragon's Lair". Dutch Wonderland started it's own food service, "Wonderland Food Service". The Clark family (previous owners of the park) decide to sell the park to Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company.

  2002: Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company spends $3.2 million dollars to upgrade and enhance the park (including the sound systems, repainting everything, communication and atmosphere). They form Wonderland Amusement Management LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company). Hershey starts it's own food service at the park (including Dippin' Dots, mamma ilardos pizza, and much more), adds two new rides: the Frog Hopper and Off-Road Rally, and another costumed character, the Dutch Wonderland Princess. The park  starts it's first Christmas celebration: "Dutch Winter Wonderland". The park's slogan changes from "Play Together" to "A Kingdom for Kids".

  2003: The park unveils Duke's Lagoon a children's water play area plus Duke's Dozers and the Wonder Whip, both relocated from Hersheypark. Duke's Dozers used to be Earthmovers and the Wonder Whip used to be Wells Cargo. The Wonder Whip is placed at the former location of the Old 99 and Duke's Dozers are placed at the former location of the Merry-Go-Round which is moved to the front of the park. The Old 99 is removed after twenty-three years of service.

  2004: Duke's Lagoon is expanded. The Flying Trapeze is relocated to its present location to accommodate the expansion of Duke's Lagoon. The old bridge to the island is removed and replaced with a new one. The Double Splash Flume is repainted as well.

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