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Hersheypark features nine themed areas: Tudor Square, Rhineland, Founder's Circle, Comet Hollow, Minetown, Music Box Way, Pioneer Frontier, The Boardwalk and Midway America.

Click here to go to Hershey's park map, to see where your favorite ride is located. NOTE: This link will take you to Hershey's official site and has no affiliation with this site.


Pictured above is the Conestoga ride, removed after the 2002 season.

As we visit our favorite theme parks, we watch as rides come and go over the years. Hersheypark has seen its share of rides that have come and left the park over the years.

Click here to see a list of rides that have been removed from the park over the years of its operation.



Below, all of the park's rides and attractions are listed by their area in the park.


This area pays tribute to the park's founder, Milton S. Hershey. Included is a bronze statue of Milton himself, as well as the antique carrousel, the park's oldest operating ride.

Carrousel- take a ride on this beautiful masterpiece. One of the park's oldest rides.

Starship America- take a spin in your very own rocket.

Balloon Flite (kiddie)- fly around in your very own balloon.

Scrambler-a classic midway ride that spins you around in circles.

Dinosaur-Go-Round (kiddie)- the youngsters can ride this carousel of green dinosaurs.

Helicopters (kiddie)- a kiddie ride where the youngsters can be the pilot of their very own helicopter.

Space Age (kiddie)- the younger generation of astronauts can get trained on this ride.

Tiny Tracks (kiddie)- a miniature train ride for the younger generation of engineers. Presented by Amtrak.

Traffic Jam (kiddie)- a miniature automobile umbrella ride for younger drivers.

Mini Himalaya- spin round and round on this miniature version of the popular ride.


This area resembles your typical amusement park midway with plenty to see and do.

Comet- Hersheypark's oldest roller coaster still continues to thrill riders just as it did when it debuted back in 1946!

sooperdooperLooper- a thrilling steel looping roller coaster geared mostly for thrill seekers-to-be and also for thrilling and daring enthusiasts.

Wave Swinger- spin round and round and through the air.

Tilt-A-Whirl- another classic amusement park tradition! Spin around in your gondola while the platform rotates beneath you.


Enjoy a nice leisurely stroll through this shaded area. Besides the rides, take in a show in the Music Box Theatre, or enjoy the Milkmen and other entertainment on Shakey's Patio.

REESE'S EXTREME CUP CHALLENGE- riders (or competing teams) score points by shooting lasers at targets throughout the ride to determine the answer to the question, "Is is chocolate or peanut butter that makes Reese's so good?" in the first interactive dark ride to pit car against car in a high energy competition to be found no where else.

Fender Bender- ride in these cool-looking bumper cars! Presented by Gieco

Capital Blue Cross Monorail- glide through Hersheypark down town Hershey and ZooAmerica. The entire ride is narrated.

Pirate- swing back and forth on this giant pendulum-swinging pirate ship.

Skyview- Hersheypark's sky ride glides you over Great Bear, Comet Hollow and Spring Creek. Presented by Giant Food Stores.

Bizzy Bees (kiddie)- these friendly bees will take the kids for a rotating ride but don't worry, they won't sting anyone!

Dizzy Drums  (kiddie)-  spin round and round in your own rotating drum.

Mini Pirate (kiddie)- the kids can experience their version of the adult Pirate. Presented by Indian Echo Caverns.

Rolling Rovers (kiddie)- roll around on these moving seats.

Swing Thing (kiddie)- the youngsters can get ready to tackle the big Wave Swinger on this miniature version.

Ladybugs (kiddie)- ride up and down in round cars that resemble miniature Ladybugs.

Tiny Timbers- a miniature flume ride designed for the youngsters that are not ready to tackle the Coal Cracker.


Designed after the coal regions of Pennsylvania, Minetown features the Great Bear roller coaster and the landmark Kissing Tower, plus entertainment in the amphitheatre.

Coal Cracker- take a refreshing ride on this mine themed flume ride.

Flying Falcon- Hersheypark's version of the Huss Condor takes you flying just like the falcons high above the park.

GREAT BEAR- ride this B&M inverted roller coaster and twist and turn all around and upside down with your feet dangling!

Kissing Tower- ride in a cabin 300 feet above the park and view downtown Hershey, Hersheypark and the surrounding area through windows shaped like Hershey's Kisses. The entire ride is narrated.

Turnpike (Sunoco Classic Cars)- you drive replicas of antique autos.

Turnpike (Sunoco Speedway)- you drive miniature replicas of miniature sport cars.

Convoy (kiddie)- a miniature truck ride for kids.

Frog Hopper (kiddie)- these critters lift their young riders up slowly, then gently hop back down to ground level.

Red Baron (kiddie)- kids can ride in miniature red airplanes.


Step into the days of the wild west with thrilling attractions, along with plenty of food, games and shopping.

Dry Gulch Railroad- all aboard! Ride through the wild west and Indian country aboard your train pulled by a steam-powered locomotive. You will get glimpses of the Trailblazer, Storm Runner, Sidewinder and a view of Roller Soaker.

The CLAW- Hersheypark's Chance/Morgan Revolution swings riders 64 feet in the air!

Western Shootout (Winding Rivers)- slide down through these twisting and turning slides.

Western Shootout (Straight Shooters)- slide down these huge water slides on your own raft.

Frontier Flyers- an interactive passenger swing ride that allows guests to fly. Presented by Penn State Children's Hospital

Rodeo- rotate up and down on this spinning ride.

Sidewinder- ride this boomerang roller coaster as it slings you upside down six times.

STORM RUNNER- launch from 0 to 72 mph. in less then 2 seconds on the world's first hydraulic launched coaster featuring inversions!

Trailblazer- ride through mine country and through the woods on this mine train roller coaster.

Mini Scrambler (kiddie)- the youngsters can ride this miniature version of the adult Scrambler.

Livery Stable (kiddie)- the youngsters will love this miniature carousel.


Stroll the Boardwalk and take in the atmosphere recreated to Coney Island, Rehoboth Beach, Atlantic City and Ocean City while you cool off on various water attractions in this heavily themed waterpark. Also, be sure to grab one of many lounge chairs conveniently located in the Boardwalk and bathe in the sun!

Canyon River Rapids- whitewater raft down this raging river of wild waters, plus three waterfalls.

TIDAL FORCE- get soaked on this 100 foot tall "chute the chutes" ride.

ROLLER SOAKER- you are sure to get soaked on this hybrid ride. With the thrills of a roller coaster blended with the soaking excitement of a water ride, this ride will delight both roller coaster and water ride enthusiasts of all ages!

Coastline Plunge (Whirlwind)- slide through a tube and into a huge funnel on an intertube.

Coastline Plunge (Vortex)- whirl through the huge toilet bowl on an intertube.

Coastline Plunge (Riptide)- blue-colored tube waterslide.

Coastline Plunge (Surge)- green-colored tube waterslide.

East Coast Waterworks- get drenched with dozens of water play devices on the largest water play structure in the world.

Bayside Pier- midsized water play wave pool.

Sandcastle Cove- interactive children's water play area.

The Waverider- see what you've got as you surf the waves on this body-boarding attraction.


Travel back in time, to the big-gone days of the old fashioned amusement, complete with some of your old favorites, modernized, including the ferris wheel and whip, and the old fashioned twisting wooden roller coaster.

LIGHTNING RACER- race against your opponent on the world's first wooden racing/dueling roller coaster.

Wildcat- twist in and around over twenty times on this wooden cyclone roller coaster.

Ferris Wheel- an amusement park tradition! View Midway America and the park from 100 feet in the air. A spectacular sight at night!

Whip- get "whipped" on this amusement park ride of the past.

Merry Derry Dip Fun Slides- slide down one of two slides on a burlap bag.

Wild Mouse- ride in your own four-seat car up and down and around this zigzagged course.

Music Express- spin round and round to the beat of blaring music.

Moonwalk (kiddie)- a bouncy-type attraction for youngsters.

Tiger's Tail (kiddie)- a jungle gym-type attraction for youngsters.

Crazy Climber (kiddie)- another maze-type attraction for youngsters.

Granny Bugs (kiddie)- the kids will enjoy rotating around in their little "bug" cabin.

Miniature Train (kiddie)- ride in this miniature train around the track.

Pony Parade (kiddie)- all the younger pony enthusiasts will enjoy this kiddie ride.

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