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As a lot of you (Hersheypark fans and fans of theme/amusement parks) may have heard, there's a lot hype on the internet  about removing  one of Hersheypark's classic rides, the GIANT Wheel next year in place of another ride/roller coaster. As we have not heard any official announcement from the park as of this time, I (along with other Hersheypark fans) encourage every one of you who reads this page to get in touch with the park and "voice your concern" on preserving one of Hersheypark's most beautiful, unique and classic rides.

The GIANT Wheel was added for the 1973 season at Hersheypark, as part of the park's effort of converting from "Hershey Park", the old time amusement park where the old school ride tickets were used, to "Hersheypark", as we known it today as one of America's major theme parks.

As of now, there are rumors that this will be the GIANT Wheel's last season and will be removed to make way for a possible new ride for next season. I, myself, along with "lots" of other Hersheypark guests, feel that we would be loosing not just a ride, but an icon of the park. Who can't resist. walking up the hill from Rhineland, or even just driving by the park itself, and seeing the classic GIANT Wheel rotating hundreds of "Hersheypark Happy" guests.

Here are some reasons I think that the GIANT Wheel should stay:

1.) First off, it's a classic ride, a ride never to be found in any U.S. theme park. At one time, we saw some of these famous Intamin wheels pop up at some of our favorite parks, some with two wheels. others with the tripple design. As these parks started to remove them one by one, I always thought Hersheypark was making the right decision to keep such an "antique". That's one of the things that makes Hersheypark unique in comparison to other parks is the "mix" of non-coaster rides with the roller coasters themselves, catering to not to just thrillseekers, but families as well. 

2.) Second, you get a "longer" ride in the GIANT Wheel versus the regular "traditional" ferris wheel. Most of your typical ferris wheels rotate and then stop to accommodate other riders entering or departing the ride. The GIANT Wheel, however, provides you with a longer ride time and non-stop ride, while the other wheel is loading its guests below. It also, provides a nice view (as does the other Ferris Wheel) and nice breeze, which a lot of park guests enjoy.

3.) Third, the location. The GIANT Wheel is located in a spot that just can't be beat! Who can't resist walking up up the hill through Rhineland to be welcomed by this famous Hersheypark icon! Carrousel Circle would loose its charm without this ride. The rumored 150 to 200 foot coaster, or a little kiddie ride would take way from the appearance of the area, stand out, and be out of place.

4.) And finally, it's a Hersheypark icon. I can not imagine Hersheypark without it, and I can only guess how many people would be upset if this ride was removed. It helped transform the park from the "old fashioned" park into a major theme park. If you do some thinking, it would be like removing the Kissing Tower, the Comet roller coaster and the Ferris Wheel, all of which are Hersheypark's "icon" rides. Hersheypark would not just be Hersheypark without any of them.

In closing, I highly recommend every reader of this page to help in saving this one classic ride. Contact the park via email, snail mail or telephone and whether or not they deny its removal, show them that you are concerned, that you care and that you appreciate a beautiful classic ride that makes Hersheypark, a special place in the theme park world!


Scroll down and enjoy these photos of this Hersheypark icon, and take part in helping to save this beautiful icon from demolition!





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